Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Media Tools

Heres goes my attempt at naming all the Media Tools I use regularly.

  • Photobooth

    • An application that is used by the MacBook iSight camera to capture images

  • Photoshop CS3

    • An complex application that is used to manipulate images. Includes many different filters and effects for image editing

  • DreamWeaver CS3

    • An application that is used to create websites in a design environment, compatible with many different internet languages

  • iMovie

    • An application that is able to capture video clips from multiple sources in multiple formats for editing into movies. Includes many different options and effects for making moderatly complex movies.

  • Flash

    • A media tool used for creation of animations for multiple media formats, such as digital video or embedded interactive images.

  • GarageBand

    • GarageBand is part of the iLife suite of programs and allows you to create songs and sounds using a variety of clips included with the program as well as clips you can import yourself.

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